Thursday, April 23, 2009

Smart and Getting Smarter

A long time ago, in a career far, far away.  I came up with a name for a business that I hadn't yet started.  I figured that since I was an intelligent person who lived in Arizona, SmartAz was a great name.  Further punctuating my way of thinking is that I just happen to be blessed with a quick wit.  It all seemed so logical.  Heck I even thought that if SmartAz Photography was successful, I might be able to be like the Dread Pirate Roberts (from "The Princess Bride") and sell off the franchise.  I was mistaken.

About six months ago I stopped using the SmartAz name.  I came to realize, with the help of my consultant, that the name, while creative, doesn't instill confidence.  I've stopped using the name, yet it has continued to haunt my Web site. 

Making changes aren't always easy.  Making changes sometime require fistfuls of money to be thrown at those things in need of change.  I've finally been able to finance that change.  Crews in San Francisco are working 'round the clock to have changes in place sometime next week.

SmartAz was a great name and a great lesson.  It taught me how to register a trade name.  And it taught me to carefully think things through.

It's free to create a business with whatever name you give it.  To change it however, is going to cost as much as a used car.  The lesson is:  Be sure you can live with the business decisions you make today because you may be dealing with those desicions for years.

SmartAz Photography was good.  Tony Blei Photography is even smarter.

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