Monday, February 16, 2009

Experience should be valued

Mr. Happy President's Day

I'm dedicating this Presidents' Day to Bill Clinton.

I just returned from Las Vegas business trip. I wasn't there to gamble or party (I did, however, put a buck into a machine, double my money only to lose it all). Before heading back to Phoenix, I read a newspaper story about Natalie Dylan, a woman who is auctioning off her virginity. I find it amazing that she has world-wide interest, hundreds of bids, and the top bid is around $3.8 million dollars.

What I find interesting is how people are willing to form a line and pay millions of dollars to someone who has absolutely no experience! This to me is crazy — especially in this economy. People should consider spending and investing their money wisely. Experience should be valued.

I've worked consistently as a professional photographer since 1984. I've photographed celebrities, criminals and US Presidents. I have years of award-winning experience and I don't cost near as much as Natalie. And as an added bonus, my photography has the potential to be an investment. When Natalie's highest bidder is done, he'll only get a nap and a story that he won't be able to tell his wife or girlfriend. You can tell everyone about me.

As it turns out, Natalie Dylan isn't even her real name. has fake breasts and a Brazilian wax (like all good virgins). She says she is raising the money to pay off school loans (Oh please).

Am I the only one that sees her BS in Women's Studies for what it really is?

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