Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Booked Book

In a Big Brown Van filled with Christmas Toys and other boxes, my portfolio is making its way home. This book is probably one of the finest books I've ever created. It's great because I had help with the editing and design. About all I had to do is step back, nod my head and smile. But the nicest thing is the richness of the prints in all of their 300 dpi glory.

It goes without saying that the portfolio is useless unless someone is looking at it. So, my job has been to get my book in front of people who know what they are looking at. Hi Def computer screens are nice, but in the end they are only 72 dpi. That's 228 pixels shy of optimal viewing. Even digital photography is best viewed as a print.

My goal is to make my portfolio more traveled than I (for a time).

Vanity Fair was the first to step up and ask to see it. They seem VERY organized and I have an appointment to ship it in January. In the mean time, I've been trying to show it locally.

Late in October REMEDY Chicago contacted me and said they didn't have anything currently in the works, but would like to see what I had going on. So I booked my Book a trip to Chicago and sent it on its way.

On Tuesday, Dave Sieren sent me an e-mail to let me know that he enjoyed my portfolio and that it was on it's way home. He said, "I agree that its always in everyone's best interest to see work in person rather than on a screen! Your images really are fantastic and I'll be keeping you in mind as projects come up in the new year." I think I've scored a hit.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that while the Internet and other mediums are wonderful, you don't get to see the images in all of their glory. Another thing is that by seeing an artist's Book, you will be able to see how they value and invest in their work. If this is their "best work," how do they show it off?

My portfolio is printed on a very beautiful 100% cotton paper (that you cannot buy in Arizona) with archival ink that will last 300 years. The pages are in a beautiful Plexiglas cover from Lost Luggage which is shipped in an elegant black bag. I don't care how nice your monitor is, the in-person presentation beats out most Web sites any day.

If you are an art director or an art buyer or a photo editor, do yourself a favor and start calling in photographers' Books. Mine won't be available until February. Call or e-mail for an appointment. I would love to show it to you.

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