Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I received a call from Michelle Murray at Cree, Inc. in North Carolina. Cree offers lighting solutions for home and business and Michelle was in a bind. It was Monday and she needed photographs of her company's lighting that had been installed in a Burger King. She needed it by Wednesday or Thursday.

What's nice is, I was able to help Michelle — and before her deadline. I was on my way out of town but had enough time to shoot, process and ship via ftp before she came to work the next morning. We negotiated the terms and were off to the races.

I worked into the night and shipped the images sometime around 1 a.m. In the morning, Michelle had e-mailed and was praising my work. Along with the praise was an offer to increase the payment by 35%. (I swear I had to reread that part about five times.)

Because the pictures of the Burger King were so nice, she wanted to expand the usage and pay me more. I love my job.


  1. My good friend don't give away your client list. Buy the way do you have her phone number?

  2. Bro, This is great, but in my opinion some things you need to keep close to the hip. Such as the name of the business that hired you, the contact persons name and the state the business is located.

    I love the fact you'll share it with close friends who you trust but I wonder if its inappropriate for the blog? In my opinion tell the story without using names.

    Ask yourself this, would your client want this information out there. This is your client, who you are trying to build a relationship with. In my opinion you need to Zip it! :-)