Saturday, December 27, 2008

Riding the Light (Rail)

"I don't care about Santa, Christmas or anything, just make sure I get to ride the train on Saturday," is what my wife, Susan told me a few weeks before Christmas. Perfect. I can be cheap for Christmas.

I'm a visually stimulated person and I once took a job as a page designer. It's the only time in my life that I felt paralyzed. I love finding pictures and creating images. So I turned a turned a train ride into a photographic exercise. It was fun.
It only took seven hours for a round trip train ride from Mesa, Arizona to Phoenix (and back).

Except for two people who cut the line after we had been waiting 45 minutes, everyone was cool. We got to chat with people who would have ordinarily been strangers on the freeway. I kept my photography to pretty much Susan. I've documented so many people's lives, I thought I would photograph her on her big outing. Click here to see the slideshow of our adventure.


  1. Did you see my children there? Some guy who raised me took them to this. I had to work.

  2. OMG Tony, Love the slide show. Lorie wanted to do this, but I don't like crowds. So we didn't go. I'm such a dud!